Hasbro Marvel Legends BAF Awesome Hulk The Marvel's Wave Pre-orders

Hasbro Marvel Legends BAF Awesome Hulk The Marvel's Wave Pre-orders

toynewman - June 07, 2023
The new The Marvel's MCU Marvel Legends wave which includes movie figures of Captain Marvel , Ms. Marvel, Monica Rambeau (Photon), Karnak, Commander Steve Rogers, Heroes Return Iron Man and Marvel Boy.The Build-A-Figure for this wave is Amadeus Cho Awesome Hulk are available for pre-order at places like our sponsors BigBadToyStore.com and Entertainment Earth.
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tarot - 2023-07-03 @ 5:54 pm
On 7/3/2023 at 6:44 PM, Lord_Scareglow said:

So this wave seems to be coming out before the Spider-Man wave, weird how that worked out, still just Karnak and Noh-Varr for me here, but I really want that Amadeus BAF, don't want to pull the trigger buying the other figures I don't want, because I have a feeling selling them off won't be fruitful, so heres to hoping some or one of you peeps on here would sell off some BAF parts

To be fair this wave was supposed to be released in February as the movie was originally scheduled for then instead of Quantumania. it got held swapped and then held back til November. Like the Spider-verse figure, they were probably just in storage until now.

Lord_Scareglow - 2023-07-03 @ 5:44 pm

So this wave seems to be coming out before the Spider-Man wave, weird how that worked out, still just Karnak and Noh-Varr for me here, but I really want that Amadeus BAF, don't want to pull the trigger buying the other figures I don't want, because I have a feeling selling them off won't be fruitful, so heres to hoping some or one of you peeps on here would sell off some BAF parts

Reno - 2023-07-03 @ 2:02 am

Now that I've opened these figures and spent some time looking at and posing them, I thought that I'd go ahead and share my impressions. Sorry for the length!

What may not be surprising at this point is that Hasbro seemed to put far more care and love into the movie figures than they did the comic figures. As someone who strongly prefers the comic based figures, this annoys me a bit. I originally intended to just get the movie figures for their BAF parts and sell them off, but these are good enough that I'm reconsidering that. I'll talk about each figure below in the order that I opened them:

Photon: I love this costume. It's just basic enough to be eye-catching, but still has some nice painted line details. The face and head sculpt are fantastic I wish they had given us an alternate head with a different expression, but the head that they did give us is so well done that it's hard to complain. The articulation on the figure is just right although the movement of the diaphragm joint is relatively limited. There is a small point of a black triangle that extends past her torso that I could see making an indent into the white paint of her abdomen if you're not careful. For a figure that I didn't really want, I feel like this going to end up being a keeper, even if it doesn't ever make it's way into my display. It's just really well done. If they never give us another Monica MCU figure that will be just fine because this one is that good - but an alternate head sculpt would still be a plus.

Kamala Khan: This is a much better representation of the MCU actress than the version that was part of the Infinity Ultron wave. The face sculpt being the biggest change, but honestly it's still off. The soft smiling expression is a very good fit for the character and the head sculpt overall is very strong. The colors on the costume are far more muted than the Infinity Ultron version and quite frankly less interesting in general. Although the skirt has some minimal impact on the level of articulation, it's not as bad as I expected. This figure seems to have more range of diaphragm articulation than either of the other 2 movies figures in this wave. The best parts of this figure though are the BAF torso and the Flerken accessory. That flerken with tentacles coming out of it's mouth is really cool. I had to bend the plastic on mine a bit in order to be able to get it to stand up.

Carol Danvers: This costume just seems so plain, but there is also some charm to it for that reason. The deep dark blue almost gives off a denim vibe. The articulation on my version is very, very, very tight. The diaphragm joint and the knees were basically locked into place when I opened them and are still extremely stiff after even doing quite a bit of posing with her. Only the shoulders are the exception to this rule and they are actually a little bit on the loose end. The head sculpt of Brie Larson is the best part of this figure and undoubtedly the best face sculpt that we've had of her.

Karnak: This was easily my most wanted figure of this wave. I really enjoy the contrast of the green and white in his costume. I'm not crazy about the fact that it still has pins but at least they're the same shade of white as the areas that they're located in and not terribly noticeable. I'm not crazy about the level of shoulder articulation, but this isn't a new buck so we all knew what to expect. He looks good on my shelf next to Black Bolt, Medusa and the Mezco Lockjaw. I'm hoping for Triton next, although I'm quite aware that there is likely more demand for Crystal.

Noh-Varr: Another great face / head sculpt, which is the highlight of the figure. The butterfly joints are a nice touch but the shoulder articulation up and down is more impinged that it should be (again not a surprise). I'm worried about rub on the white pain at the diaphragm joint and hips as they're tight enough I see this being an issue over time. I don't recall these weapon accessories in the past, so I'm assuming that they're new, but please correct me if I'm wrong on that.

Commander Rogers: Here's another costume that the simplicity is a plus for. It seems so generic but it's such a strength for this figure. I could totally see this figure being popular with someone who isn't even a Marvel fan. This figure could look really nice in a GI Joe Classified or a Valaverse display. The head sculpt is fantastic but I don't really like the matted down hair. This is likely comic accurate (can't remember and didn't take the time to look it up) and is very nicely textured and detailed, just not a very flattering hair style (LOL). This is the only figure in the wave where the pins are in a contrasting color to the arms and legs around them and it's annoying. This is another figure where I can see the red paint rubbing against the dark blue near the hips being a problem over time.

Iron Man Heroes Return: Very shiny bright red and gold metallic style paint. There's not a lot of detail with this figure. It's pretty basic and there's not a lot here to separate it or distinguish it in any positive way when compared to the plethora of very good Iron Man figures that we've gotten over the last couple of years. It's certainly not my favorite armor but will still fit in nicely in my Hall of Armors display.

Amadeus Hulk: First I just want to say that I've noticed a definite improvement in the ease of assembling BAFs from Hasbro recently and this is very true with this one. There were lots of examples in the past where I remember really struggling to assemble their BAFs in the desired way with the appropriate level of tightness and fit. That has changed dramatically and assembling Amadeus was very simple and satisfying! The head/hair sculpt, the shorts and the gauntlet are really the difference in this Hulk and others that we've gotten. I think that I would have like an alternate head with a little bit more of a playful smirk or smile than just the very stoic facial expression that we got. It's a very nice figure that I'm very happy to have, but I think that a more fitting head sculpt for the character would have gone a very long ways in differentiating Amadeus from all of the other Hulks we've gotten on this mold. I am glad that we at least got an alternate set of hands, though.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with this wave. In a perfect world I probably would have just bought Karnak and the Amadeus BAF as a separate stand alone figure - but I can likely find uses for most of the others (or parts from them) in my collection.

As part of this shipment from BBTS I also got Hawkeye with the SkyCycle and Chasm from the Spider-Man "retro" wave. Very quickly....The lighter colors on Hawkeye were kind of shocking to me when I first opened him. It gave me a very animated vibe. My impression was likely directly impacted by the opening of several of the figures above right before him that had very dark overall features. I have mixed feelings on the soft goods skirt and haven't decided how I feel about it yet. The SkyCycle is exactly what you'd expect it be, feels very light and mine doesn't sit on it's stand particularly well. I don't want to give the impression that it was cheaply made, it's really probably just right. I'm very happy to have it! I haven't opened Chasm but I really like this iteration of Ben and I think it's the best thing that Marvel has ever done with the character. A clean break from being Spider-man / Scarlet Spider is a great opportunity to get him out of Peter's shadow, depending on what they do with him in the future. With Peter and now Miles firmly established in the public's mind as Spider-Man, it just makes sense to find something new to do with Ben. (I've become aware that isn't a popular take, but it's how I feel). I'm going to leave this one on the retro style card for now. I also finally broke down and bought the deluxe Groot over the weekend on clearance from Target for $24.99. I really like the figure, it's got some nice heft and a lot of attention to detail, but I never would have paid $40-$50 for it. Again the movie figures seemingly getting preferential detail in terms of sculpt and texture detail is something that kind of rubs me the wrong way as I personally prefer comic figures overall. Please just give us more of this love on the comic figures also! The little add in of Baby Rocket was a nice touch and I'll likely find use for that little guy (just not as Rocket). I still use the comic Groot from the 5-pack in my primary display but might do a Planet X thing with all of those movie Groots as I think that I still have all of them.

AndyL - 2023-07-03 @ 2:02 am
On 7/1/2023 at 7:11 PM, Reno said:

Not surprisingly, Karnak was easily my favorite figure from the bunch!

That is the one I'm most excited for as well. That's one of those things that proves some of those older models still work for some characters. That old Spidey body is not so bad. Especially when used correctly. I think if they had just changed those goofy big floppy looking feet a long time ago people wouldn't hate it so much now.

Ironspider428 - 2023-07-02 @ 7:02 pm

Not surprised to see them popping up now, I imagine EE will get them soon too. Hopefully they don't just ship out full cases cause I only preordered the MCU figures. I expect the Ant-Man wave to show up more soon as well.

Reno - 2023-07-02 @ 12:11 am

I received this wave yesterday from BBTS along with Hawkeye/SkyCycle and Chasm. Not surprisingly, Karnak was easily my favorite figure from the bunch!

toynewman - 2023-07-01 @ 8:31 pm

Shown below via robvonshoe are packaged and UPCS for the new Hasbro Marvel Legends BAF Totally Awesome Hulk Wave Figures fearturing Captain Marvel, Marvel Boy, Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, Captain Steve Rogers, Photon and Karnak. You can purchase this figure from our sponsors BigBadToyStore.com and Entertainment Earth with suggested retail price of $24.99 Each.









tarot - 2023-06-08 @ 5:42 pm

Spiderman is marvels cash cow..... penny spider? He is on more merch then any other character in comic books which a certain bat being and extremely close second.

ADour - 2023-06-08 @ 5:22 pm
On 6/8/2023 at 12:53 PM, watanabefan said:

I reckon it's Spider-Man at this point, actually. His merchandise sales alone blow just about every other superhero's out of the water.

Yeah. It's Spider-Man. It's no contest. I get that the X-Men had their moment in the 90s, but Spider-Man has been a lot more consistent and overall more ubiquitous.

Lord_Scareglow - 2023-06-08 @ 3:57 pm

Just floating this out there, if anyone is an MCU collector, or just not interested in Amadeus, if anyone wants to trade or sell the parts for him to me when this comes out, please let me know!

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