2008 SDCC Day 2: Hasbro & Marvel (w/Images)

2008 SDCC Day 2: Hasbro & Marvel (w/Images)

James - July 25, 2008
Today at the SDCC, Hasbro's marketing and design team are presenting their plans for Marvel based toy properties for the rest of 2008. Hasbro is also promising a hint as to what might be upcoming in 2009.

The panelists from Hasbro's marketing division are Jerry Jivoin, Michelle Favaloro and Scott George. Panelists from the design team include Brian Wilk, Josh Lamb, Steve Redinger, Dwight Stall, Dave Vonner and Logan Lubera.

There is a wide range of toys that are coming out.

The Hulk Fing Fang Foom wave are currently shiping. There is one variant, Grey Hulk in classic green and purple colors. There is a possible third variant of that Hulk coming with darker colors.

Ka-Zar and Shanna is available as an exclusive at the Con. Might Mugs Iron Man is available on HTS.

Build-a-figures are done for now.

Two packs are going to be ongoing and will include extra changeable heads, especially with customizers in mind.

There will be variants in each wave of the 2 packs.

Iron Man with Maria Hill/Sharon Carter

Captain Marvel/Kree soldier & Skrull

Dum Dum Dugan

A video was shown about Furyfiles.com. Shield has been taken over. Who do you trust?

3 3/4 is launching in Spring 2009!
Red Hulk wave is exclusive to Target.

Ares wave is exclusive to Wal-Mart, coming out in September/October.

Nemsis wave will be Wal-Mart exclusive, available soon.

Transformers Crossovers has been successful and will continue through the year.

Captain America will transform into a Humvee.

Carnage will transform itno a sleek red muscle car.

War Machine and Thor are also coming as Transformers.

There are plans for Vision, Captain America, Skrull and FA Iron Man as Might Mugs.

There are new decos coming for the Iron Man 6 inch line.

Animated style Spectacular Spider-Man will continue with new characters.

Classic Spider-Man 6 inch will have a brand new red and blue Spider-Man, Juggernaut, Venom and Tarantula.

Super Squad will have several more releases. There are 110 different figures so far. Captain America, Black Widow, Rhino, Tombstone, Astonishing Beast and Avalanche will be coming. There are some TRU exclusive packs coming.

3 3/4 line is coming in the Spring of 2009!

The new line is tied into the Furyfiles.com. Shield has been taken over. Who do you trust? The website should be live now. It will expand over time. The user will become a Shield agent.

This will be a big multi-media launch.

Each figure will include a Top Secret file card.

Articulation is a key to Marvel Legends so the 3 3/4 figures will be fully poseable. Figures will include acessories, such as Sufer's board, Goblin's Glider and Punisher's guns.

Iron Man, Spider-Man, Silver Surfer, Punisher, Blackk Panther, Bulls-Eye, Daredevil, Human Torch and variant Johnny Storm, Stealth Armor Iron Man,
X-Force Wolverine, Hulk, Ronin, Iron Fist, black costume Spider-Man, troop building Hand ninjas, classic Iron Man, Ms.Mmarvel and classic variant, Thing and a mail away figure of Nick Fury based on Jesse Falcon, Hobgoblin, Moon Knight, Ultimate Nick Fury, Ultimate Captain America, Grey Hulk, Union Jack with guns, Thor and Colossus were shown.

The detailing looks great and so does the paint apps. The slides of the figures shown were the actual 3 3/4 versions, not two ups.

Hasbro is considering how to continue the Legends line. Hasbro wants to continue the line but there are increasing challenges to doing so in retail. One method is more exclusives as we've been seeing.

After the next Icon wave release, a Diamond and TRU shared exclusive, there are no plans for further Icon waves.

There are no immediate plans for vehicles or playsets in the 3 3/4 line, but that is a logical step in the future.

Hasbro is also considering larger figures in the 3 3/4 scale, like Sentinels and Galactus.

Some of the 3 3/4 figures will have double jointed knees.

All those 3 3/4 figures shown represent about half of a years release. The figures will be shown tomorrow, Saturday, at SDCC.

Superhero Squad Spider-Man/Kraven did not ship. There have been a lot of requests for a release of that but there are no present plans.Hasbro is dedicated to the Squad.

Every wave of 3 3/4 figures will have a mix of a-list and b-list characters.

Comic packs will probably be coming down the line for the 3 3/4 line. 3 3/4 will have peg holes for stands.

Retailers set the prices but it will be similar to Star Wars pricing.

2 packs will be at Walmart and TRU and comic shops.

There will be regular army builders in the 3 3/4 line.

Hasbro has big plans for the Thor movie.

The Hulk movie figures and Iron Man movie figures were done by the same designer.

The designers are working on more Iron Man stuff right now, since the line is selling so well. Hulk is also selling well.

Jesse Falcon has the power of approval over Hasbro's line plans.

More images from the Hasbro booth will be available later today and tomorrow.
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Last 10 comments - ( Read All Posts )
HighEvolutionary - 2008-07-29 @ 2:20 pm
Awww or else what?

You'll tell mommy?

You'll Cry?

Don't be an ass.

Grog - 2008-07-29 @ 10:24 am
damn those 3 3/4 insh figures are so great. i get all the spidey related ones for sure. i dont start again a new marvel line. they are great. thats where hasbros power is. the small figures. give the legends line back to toybiz.
it could be gr8 or it could suck... they should contiue the bafs an do 3-3/4 inch line too like toybiz they had marvel super hero shodown and marvel legends line plus bafs... hasbro better do more or else

Awww or else what?

You'll tell mommy?

You'll Cry?

ares - 2008-07-28 @ 11:30 pm
damn those 3 3/4 insh figures are so great. i get all the spidey related ones for sure. i dont start again a new marvel line. they are great. thats where hasbros power is. the small figures. give the legends line back to toybiz.
it could be gr8 or it could suck... they should contiue the bafs an do 3-3/4 inch line too like toybiz they had marvel super hero shodown and marvel legends line plus bafs... hasbro better do more or else
Psimitar - 2008-07-28 @ 8:15 pm

3 3/4 line. Hmmm. I'm not sold on it just yet. Waiting to see if Hasbro will take advantage of the scale in the way they have with the Star Wars and Indiana Jones line (vehicles, playsets, etc.) Two things Hasbro could do to ensure that I go after this line......




1337W422102 - 2008-07-26 @ 6:52 pm

I'm looking forward to this 9.5cm line. Bring on the Sentinel!

Hasbro, come on, make a Death's Head figure already!

MARVELFAN - 2008-07-26 @ 2:59 pm

dude i would buy baron zemo and red skulll i want em

robbie - 2008-07-26 @ 1:06 pm
This is certainly bulls*it. I spent a lot of $$ buying the 6" ML and had a lot of faith in Hasbro for quality and quantity, but they have fallen shy of the mark. Toybiz had their problems sure, but at least they delivered(mostly). Anyway I think that all the threads stating how Hasbro sucks may have been too vocal and they listened. Hopefully the BAF isn't dead just done for now(2008 only). Two packs are a great idea as long as they stop reissuing the same characters over and over with new paint jobs I mean who needs more Spider-mans,Ironmans,Thors, Hulks, Wolverines, etc,etc,etc. Also the Ares BAF wtf it is a good concept, but here we go again with reissues and new paint on old figures(ultimate war machine is a repaint of ultimate ironman). And I will not buy the 3.75" figures although some look good. I started on 6" and will not go back, I can't and I won't. Lastly I think hasbro has improved from the start, but I wish they would not give up on us die hard 6 - 6" BAF wave lovers (and also the 8's as well).
MARVELFAN - 2008-07-26 @ 6:28 am

all i say

MARVELFAN - 2008-07-26 @ 6:28 am

i want em all

kenba - 2008-07-26 @ 5:35 am

for all the naysayers of the 3.75" line, make sure you stick to your guns and don't buy them. remember, money talks, bull#$#@ walks, you can tell hasbro more with your wallet than with your internet postings.

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