Marvel Legends - What We Know After #NYCC 2018

Marvel Legends - What We Know After #NYCC 2018

Jay Cochran - October 07, 2018
With so many new Marvel Legends figures constantly being thrown at us by Hasbro, I often try to recap everything we know about the line after a major news event like this weeks New York Comic Con. So here is a breakdown of everything we know or think we may know up until today.

First if you haven't already, be sure to check out my video recapping all the reveals made on Thursday's Hasbro Marvel Round Table.

So starting off with the 6" Marvel Legends Rider Series, we are getting early next year (if not sooner) the new Deadpool with Scooter and the X-Men's Professor Xavier with 90's Hoover Chair.

The Deadpool set will include Deadpool, Dogpool, Squirrelpool, red scooter, sticker sheet to help customize the scooter and an alternate Bob the hydra soldier headsculpt that can be used with a preexisting Hydra Soldier figure.

The Professor X set comes with Professor X, Hoover Chair with arm controls,removable blanket and stand. It also comes with a Cerebo helmet with telekinetic effect piece and alternate Shadow King headsculpt that will fit on the upcoming Spider-Man Kingpin Build-A-Figure.

Speaking of X-Men, we got several new reveals for the next X-Men wave. At San Diego Comic Con we learned that the next wave would include figures of Blink, Gambit and Reavers Skullbuster.

At the Canadian Fan Expo we saw a new Weapon X figure which Hasbro revealed this week was also part of this X-Men wave.

And then this week we saw a new X-Factor Forge, 90's Jim Lee Style Jubilee and Caliban Build-A-Figure revealed.

That leaves one more X-Men figure for this wave to be revealed. It is not likely the Mystique figure revealed at the Canadian Fan Expo as we are pretty sure that will be a Walgreens exclusive.

The Guardian and Wendigo figures that were also revealed during the Canadian Fan Expo are likely going to be part of the next Deadpool wave, though that has not yet been confirmed by Hasbro.

For the next Spider-Man wave, we had seen previously at SDCC the Modern Symbiote Spider-Man, Red Goblin, Black Cat, Silver Sable and Kingpin Build-A-Figure. Kingpin will have alternate head.

This week it was revealed the original New Warriors leader Night Thrasher would be joining the line-up. A skateboard that fits on his back will be included.

That means there is likely one-two more figure for this Spider-Man wave to be revealed. Both the X-Men and Spider-Man waves should be out by early next year, if not sooner.

On the Avengers front, we don't have a whole lot of concrete details for the next wave. At San Diego Comic Con they revealed a new Hercules figures but did not confirm what wave or how it would be released.

This week they revealed a new Beta Ray Bill figure with Stormbreaker, but again did not tell us what wave this would be part of or how it would be released. We do know Bill will not be a Build-A-Figure.

We also saw this week that the remaining two members of Thanos' Black Order from Avengers: Infinity War will be getting the figure treatment. Ebony Maw & Corvus Glaive have been in high demand by many collectors, but Hasbro was once again mum on the details of how or where two would see release.

Finally we have Nighthawk and Living Laser that were revealed at the Unboxing Convention.

It's possible all six figures will be part of the next Avengers wave, but right now we can't say for sure.

Surprisingly nothing this week was revealed for the Captain Marvel MCU wave that was partially revealed via Amazon a could weeks ago. So at this time all we know is that we will be getting Captain Marvel, Skrull, Young Nick Fury and Mar-Vell. The Build-A-Figure will be the Kree Sentry revealed at the Unboxing Convention. Two, possibly three more figures should be on tap for this wave, one of which is likely the comic book based Genis-Vell revealed at SDCC.

For Marvel Legends store exclusives we got a good look at the packaging for the upcoming Gamestop PS4 Spider-Man which will be out by the end of the year.

Hasbro this week revealed a Marvel Legends Hail-Hydra Figure 2-Pack which is a shared exclusive between Gamestop and online etailers. This set features Supreme Leader Captain America and Arnim Zola. You can pre-order it now at places like Megalopolis.Toys and it will be released in March 2019.

For a second 2-Pack, look for a new one based on the classic comic storyline called "Kraven's Last Hunt". This set will feature an unmasked Black Costume Spider-Man and Kraven figure with new headsculpt. No details on how or when this one will be released, but my money is on it being a Target exclusive.

This year's Marvel Comics Unlimited Subscription service figure has been revealed and it's Punisher Venom. Using Hasbro's recent Venom mold this version has a Punisher like symbol on it's chest and comes with two weapons.

Hasbro's second wave of 6" Marvel Legends Toy Biz Tribute figures which includes Ant-Man, Wasp (blue outfit), Black Panther, Scarlet Spider with unmasked head, Sleeveless Hawkeye and Vision with a new cape and random Ultron head should be hitting shelves any day now.

as will their second Black Panther movie wave which includes Black Panther with new unmasked head, T'Chaka, Erik Killmonger in fatigues with removable Wakandian ceremonial mask, Ulysses Klaue with alternate gun arm, Vibranium Powered Black Panther and Ayo with two alternate heads so you can army build the Wakanda’s Dora Milaje. The Build-A-Figure will be M'Baku (Man-Ape).

We still don't know how the Black Panther MCU Shuri figure teased at SDCC will be released.

There also a few remaining teases Hasbro showed at SDCC we don't have any more details about such as the Magneto helmet or the headsulpt that looks like Quicksilver.

One other thing I should note. Hasbro during their roundtable made indications that the Thing figure was rounding out their series Fantastic Four Walgreens exclusive while X-Men would be taking over with Magik which is hitting shelves now. This by no means we won't be seeing the likes of Dr. Doom or or Super Skrull at some point, but if we do they might be done as a general release. Hasbro also indicated that they know they are overdue for a newly sculpted comic book based Hulk figure and Bag-Head Spider-Man is on their list of ones they want to do.
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Last 10 comments - ( Read All Posts )
Silasd - 2018-10-15 @ 11:20 pm

I have to have the classic Vision as well as Guardian.

Supersmashfox64 - 2018-10-15 @ 5:16 pm

Yeah, I'm hoping I'll be able to skip on the wave and just buy the fully assembled Kingpin on eBay.

Supersmashfox64 - 2018-10-15 @ 5:09 pm

Looks Like I'll neeeeed Gambit,Professor X,Forge, and Mystique. Big X-Men Fan. I Love this time of the year with all the new waves being announced! Its super exciting!

leokearon - 2018-10-14 @ 7:33 am

Some really cool figures:

Chuck, Living Laser,Ebony Maw, Corvus Glaive, Scarlet Spider, Vision, MCU Carol, and both Mar and Genis Vell and high on my wish-lists

It is a shame Irish Gamestops don't do Marvel legends, so I'm missing out on getting some exclusives handily

chax - 2018-10-13 @ 11:36 pm

I'm in for that Professor X, the rest I'm not sure but they're ok. We definitely need an updated Dr Doom with better articulation. It's 2018 and the Epic Heroes one already looks dated. Maybe Mezco One12 or the other import lines.

TheMarvelMan - 2018-10-13 @ 11:25 pm

I probably have a "problem," but I cannot get enough Marvel Legends figs! I'm looking forward to all of them!

watanabefan - 2018-10-10 @ 9:42 pm

There was a rumor going around that this year we'll see a separate comic Avengers wave in addition to the movie ones, much like the Red Onslaught Cap wave in 2016. I strongly suspect that Hercules, Nighthawk, Living Laser and Beta Ray Bill will be in the comic wave, while Shuri, Corvus Glaive and Ebony Maw will be in one of the film-exclusive ones.

americamgl - 2018-10-09 @ 1:50 pm
2 hours ago, Tpo said:

Everything looks amazing but Im a little pissed Im gonna have to get 2 kingpins which is a baf so that sucks big time.But I like to have both

I am on the same boat as you. I am just hoping that maybe we can get a repack of the full Kingpin BAF like we did we Ares and Thanos.

americamgl - 2018-10-09 @ 1:49 pm
11 hours ago, Reggie-Kat said:

Didnt I read somewhere we were going to get some more reveals after the initial reveals? I have been checking like crazy the past 2 days!

I was hoping to see more stuff. Jubilee was cool but wanted to maybe see Storm or that sneak peek Magneto or Quicksilver...

Tpo - 2018-10-09 @ 11:27 am

Everything looks amazing but Im a little pissed Im gonna have to get 2 kingpins which is a baf so that sucks big time.But I like to have both

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