Hulk And Werewolf By Night Unleash Horror On The Vampire Hordes In New Blood Hunt One-Shots

Hulk And Werewolf By Night Unleash Horror On The Vampire Hordes In New Blood Hunt One-Shots

Jay Cochran - February 21, 2024
This May, the eternal night envelops the Marvel Universe in Jed MacKay and Pepe Larraz’s BLOOD HUNT! In addition to the main series, the bloodiest event in Marvel history will spin out into various limited series, one-shots, and series tie-in issues. Today, fans can learn about the remaining tie-in stories yet to be revealed: HULK: BLOOD HUNT #1 and WEREWOLF BY NIGHT: BLOOD HUNT #1.

Under the vampire’s savage reign, no one on Earth is safe from their insatiable blood lust, not even two of Marvel’s most fearsome beings—HULK and WEREWOLF BY NIGHT! The creatures of the night will boldly try sinking their teeth into these horror legends across two action-packed one-shots. Continuing his monster-filled and spine-chilling run of Incredible Hulk, writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson is joined by artist Danny Earls in HULK: BLOOD HUNT #1. And rising Marvel star Jason Loo and acclaimed artist Adam Gorham reveal the shocking transformation BLOOD HUNT will inflict on the new Werewolf by Night in WEREWOLF BY NIGHT: BLOOD HUNT #1.

As BLOOD HUNT wreaks untold havoc, one of those affected in a most unexpected way will be Werewolf by Night! Imbued with new abilities, a new look, and a dangerous new direction, this Werewolf by Night is UNLIKE ANY YOU HAVE SEEN OR KNOWN BEFORE! Starring Jake Gomez, WEREWOLF BY NIGHT: BLOOD HUNT promises to be one tie-in story no BLOOD HUNT order is complete without!

“I love that I get to flex a dark, macabre writing muscle than my usual fare in Marvel,” Loo expressed “In this one-shot starring the Jake Gomez aka the new Werewolf By Night, both artist Adam Gorham and myself are delivering a teen-horror Grindhouse feature that’s so gruesome, you’ll need permission from your parent/guardian to read it. BLOOD HUNT!!!”

In HULK: BLOOD HUNT, Hulk and Banner’s quest to save Charlie’s soul leads them through the Old West town of Old Tucson, population of one… but the last man in town has a heck of a story to tell. Before the night ends, Hulk and Banner will learn that there’s a lot more than meets the eye in Old Tucson, and that there’s a lot more under the desert floor than either of them could have guessed. Don’t miss this spine-chilling chapter of BLOOD HUNT!

“Bringing The Incredible Hulk back to his horror roots this past year was one of the easiest writing decisions I’ve ever made.” Johnson shared. “As a fan, I love Hulk best when he’s scary, fighting other monsters even as he reminds us he’s one of them. So when Marvel asked if I thought Hulk could have a place in BLOOD HUNT, again, it was a no-brainer. Danny Earls and I are crafting a creepy, haunting story for vampire fans and Hulk fans alike that I guarantee they’ve never seen before, and that they won’t easily forget.”

Who will bite it? Check out both covers now along with the full complete event overview and stay tuned for more BLOOD HUNT news in the weeks ahead!

Written by JASON LOO
On Sale 7/3

On Sale 7/10
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JayC - 2024-03-16 @ 10:38 am

This May, the eternal night washes over the world and vampires begin their savage reign in Marvel Comics BLOOD HUNT!The upcoming crossover event will envelop the entire Marvel Universe in darkness as your favorite heroes scramble desperately to reverse Earths tragic fate and save as many as they can from the creatures of the night and their unrelenting blood lust! In addition to an epic main series by writer Jed MacKay and artist Pepe Larraz, key chapters and thrilling developments will take place from May through July in an eclectic assortment of limited series, one-shots, and series tie-in issues.Today, fans can get a sneak peek at whats to come in BLOOD HUNTs second month with the reveal of the second issue of all eight limited series!BLACK PANTHER: BLOOD HUNT #2 (OF 3)Written by CHERYL LYNN EATONArt by FARID KARAMIMYTHOLOGY, MONSTERS AND MANKIND CLASH!TChalla has been transformed into a vampire! While on a mission as an agent (or perhaps double agent?) of the vampire leader, TChalla is warned by Bast herself about the true nature of his enemy, the wrath of the Gods and the danger of bringing his bloodlust to Wakanda PLUS: TChalla reignites a feud with a familiar foe!BLOOD HUNTERS #2 (OF 4)Written by KAARE ANDREWS, ANN NOCENTI & ERICA SCHULTZ (W)Art by ALEX LINS, DAVID BALDEN & BERNARD CHANGBLOODY CHAOS SPILLS ACROSS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE IN THREE THRILLING TALES!When the skies go dark, what will happen when a group of vampires gets a taste of the Hulks gamma-irradiated blood?! Kate Bishop takes aim against the creatures of the night with the help of a mysterious new vampire hunter. And Dagger and Elsa Bloodstone have teamed up to face down the vampiric hordes but when a new combatant enters the field, will she prove friend or foe? Or both?! The formation of Marvels wildest new team yet, the BLOOD HUNTERS, continues!DRACULA: BLOOD HUNT #2 (OF 3)Written by DANNY LOREArt by VINCENZO CARRATAN UNHOLY TEAMUP! In the deepest, darkest, unholiest night ever known to man or beast, Dracula, Lord of Vampires, has come to Bloodline, daughter of Blade, demanding a sacrifice: a devils bargain of the soul. A soul in peril? Seek a priest. A deal to escape? A lawyer. And a devil must be met face-to-face. Luckily for Bloodline, theres one man who fulfills all three criteria: none other than Daredevil. But does he or anyone stand a chance against a city full of bloodthirsty vampiresand the unending night in which they feed?!MIDNIGHT SONS: BLOOD HUNT #2 (OF 3)Written by BRYAN HILLArt by GERMN PERALTATHE REUNION CONTINUES!What do you get when you cross two Ghost Riders, a daywalker, their supernatural-hunting friends and a horde of vampires swarming the Earth? A whole lot of fangs, fire and penanceSTRANGE ACADEMY: BLOOD HUNT #2 (OF 3)Written by DANIEL JOS OLDERArt by LUIGI ZAGARIAMARVELS MIGHTY YOUNG MYSTICS TAKE MATTERS INTO THEIR OWN HANDS!The Strange Academy kids mission to find a spell to solve the Blood Hunt has taken them all the way to Madripoor to find THE DARKHOLD! Readers of last years Contest of Chaos know, however, that the Darkhold is now a child and the only way to stop the Vampire onslaught meansthe death of the Darkhold Child!UNION JACK THE RIPPER: BLOOD HUNT #2 (OF 3)Written by CAVAN SCOTTArt by KEV WALKERWAR OF BLOOD!Joey Chapman, Union Jack, is at war with the brood of a certain vampire running amok in Manchester But who is THE HUNGER? And what ally of Union Jack has fallen prey to his wicked ways?WOLVERINE BLOOD HUNT #2 (OF 4)Written by TOM WALTZArt by JUAN JOS RYPFIGHTING FANGS WITH FANGS!Wolverine is up to his claws in vampires, but luckily he gets a little help from his friends! Louise, the vampire-hunting vampire of the Nightguard, and Logan cut their way through vamps to bring the fight to their leader and youll NEVER GUESS who it is! But can Louise control her vampiric tendencies to save the day, or is every step closer to their enemy a step closer to disaster?Check out all eight covers now and preorder BLOOD HUNT #1 at your local comic shop today!BLOOD HUNTERS #2 (OF 4)Written by KAARE ANDREWS, ANN NOCENTI & ERICA SCHULTZ (W)Art by ALEX LINS, DAVID BALDEN & BERNARD CHANGCover by GREG LANDOn Sale 6/5STRANGE ACADEMY: BLOOD HUNT #2 (OF 3)Written by DANIEL JOS OLDERArt by LUIGI ZAGARIACover by HUMBERTO RAMOSOn Sale 6/12BLACK PANTHER: BLOOD HUNT #2 (OF 3)Written by CHERYL LYNN EATONArt by FARID KARAMICover by ANDREA SORRENTINOOn Sale 6/19DRACULA: BLOOD HUNT #2 (OF 3)Written by DANNY LOREArt by VINCENZO CARRATCover by ROD REISOn Sale 6/19WOLVERINE BLOOD HUNT #1 (of 4)Written by TOM WALTZArt by JUAN JOS RYPCover by BEN HARVEYOn Sale 6/19MIDNIGHT SONS: BLOOD HUNT #2 (OF 3)Written by BRYAN HILLArt by GERMN PERALTACover by KEN LASHLEYOn Sale 6/26UNION JACK THE RIPPER: BLOOD HUNT #2 (OF 3)Written by CAVAN SCOTTArt by KEV WALKERCover by RYAN BROWNOn Sale 6/26










McHogan - 2024-02-22 @ 3:17 am

Blurggg.. Jake Gomez... sigh.. I guess Jack Russell is cured? You'd think the MCU one shot would have shot him back into the starring role again...

Well at the very least.. glad Taboo isn't writing this so there won't be cyborg zombies, Mechs and wizards. I couldn't even finish the first issue of THAT terrible series

JayC - 2024-02-21 @ 12:59 am

The vampires of the Marvel Universe have waited patiently, and now that the eternal night has cursed Earth, theyll feast like never before in Jed MacKay and Pepe Larrazs BLOOD HUNT. This bloodbath of terror couldnt come at a more dire time for mutantkind. Currently scattered after the fall of Krakoa, the X-Men wont be able to strike from a united front. Instead, four X-Men icons will risk their souls in breathtaking solo adventures.Across four X-MEN: BLOOD HUNT one-shots, see some of mutantkinds most experienced and formidable heroes fight back against the ruthless vampire hordes: former vampire Jubilee; mystical expert Magik; ninja warrior Psylocke; and lethal former assassin, Laura Kinney the Wolverine. These standalone stories will deliver thrilling exploits that provide new insights into the vampires global reign, while also exploring the current circumstances these four mutant A-Listers find themselves in the wake of the Fall of the House of X.X-MEN: BLOOD HUNT JUBILEE #1Written by PREETI CHHIBBERArt by ENID BALMFANGS AND FIREWORKS!Running from the past is one race you'll never win and as darkness suffuses the world, Jubilees past as a vampire is back to take a big bite out of her! It's gonna take more than a couple plasma bursts to get out of this one, Jubilation...X-MEN: BLOOD HUNT - MAGIKWritten by ASHLEY ALLENArt by JESS HERVSMAGIK RAISES HELL!Illyana Rasputina has returned to her homeland to search her soul and steel it for what comes next. But how will she protect her first home when a vampire army descends on Russia, seeking to turn it into a living hell? She may have been forged in the fires of Limbo, but has it prepared her for the Blood Hunt?X-MEN: BLOOD HUNT - PSYLOCKE #1Written by STEVE FOXEArt by LYNNE YOSHIININJA VS. VAMPIRES!After serving on the frontlines in the war against Orchis, Kwannon is enjoying some much-deserved downtime with her new lover Greycrow. But when darkness falls across Japan, Psylocke will wield her psionic blade against blood-sucking creatures of legend and faces a foe unlike any shes ever seen. An all-new villain emerges in the mayhem of BLOOD HUNT!X-MEN: BLOOD HUNT LAURA KINNEY THE WOLVERINE #1Written by STEPHANIE PHILLIPSArt by ROBERT GILLLAURAS BLOODIEST RESCUE MISSION YET!The vampires will stop at nothing in their bid for supremacy, including capturing mutants for hellacious experiments to boost their own power. But not on Laura Kinneys watch! The Wolverine slices a swath through the vamps, but when she encounters the truth behind their machinations, will an unlikely ally prove to be more than she bargained for?Who will bite it? Check out all four X-MEN: BLOOD HUNT covers now and stay tuned tomorrow for the final BLOOD HUNT tie-in announcements!X-MEN: BLOOD HUNT JUBILEE #1Written by PREETI CHHIBBERArt by ENID BALMCover by ERICA DURSOOn Sale 6/12X-MEN: BLOOD HUNT MAGIK #1Written by ASHLEY ALLENArt by JESS HERVSCover by ROD REISOn Sale 6/26X-MEN: BLOOD HUNT PSYLOCKE #1Written by STEVE FOXEArt by LYNNE YOSHIICover by STEPHEN SEGOVIAOn Sale 7/3X-MEN: BLOOD HUNT LAURA KINNEY THE WOLVERINE #1Written by STEPHANIE PHILLIPSArt by ROBERT GILLCover by BJRN BARENDSOn Sale 7/17






Hossman - 2023-12-29 @ 12:46 pm

"Yo, ya best Protect Ya Neck"

...Wu-Tang Clan

RobertD - 2023-12-21 @ 5:35 pm

"This May, Marvel asks the bold question, 'Who Will Bite It?' in their next spectacular crossover extravaganza! Will it be Spider-man? Blade? Dr. Strange? Hunter's Moo- there's... there's a guy named 'Hunter's Moon'? And we're making a vampire pun to frame the question of which character is going to die? And how long has he been around fo- two years? And he's an important character in... the Moon Knight franchise. So... I guess, Hunter's Moon then? Hunter's Moon. We're all agreed? Ok, good meeting everybody. This May, Marvel asks the bold question, 'How Will Hunter's Moon Bite It?' And 'Will We Throw Tigra in There As Well?' You'll have to buy them all to find out, True Believer!"

JayC - 2023-12-21 @ 3:11 am

Announced in October at New York Comic Con, Marvels next crossover event, BLOOD HUNT, launches this May. Written by current Avengers and Moon Knight scribe Jed MacKay and drawn by superstar X-Men artist Pepe Larraz, the monumental story begs the question, WHO WILL BITE IT? as vampires emerge from the shadows like never before.Across the main limited series, tie-in issues, and spinoff limited series, readers will experience their favorite heroes fall helpless to the dark ways of the creatures of the night and bravely overcome their tempting ways. United with a single vision for the first time in millennia, the overwhelming army of bloodsucking terrors will transform the world in their image by turning the lights off across the Marvel Universe. In order to turn them back on, a new world order may need to be put in placeToday, fans can check out the first issue cover along with a glimpse at the Avengers opening battle with the vampire nations forces. Plus, get new insights into the event in an exclusive interview with Jed MacKay!The skies have gone dark, the sun hiding its face from the carnage to come. The children of the night, the vampires, have risen from the dark and hidden places of the world as one to drown the Marvel Universe in blood. Earths final night has fallen can even the heroes of this doomed world stem the tide of blood that is to come? Join the Avengers, Blade, Bloodline, Spider-Man, Hunters Moon, Tigra, Doctor Strange and Clea as the dance of death begins.I think vampires are a very fun part of the Marvel Universe, MacKay told You can enjoy them on a surface level as adding a little spookiness to a book, or you can get as deep as you like into the long-running Marvel history of vampires, which is as elaborate as any other part of it (and the fact that Dracula is there is a source of endless delight)! BLOOD HUNT is just the latest chapter in the long-running vampire mythos of Marvel vampiresand they're stepping out of the darkness in a big way.Much like Civil War and Secret Invasion, BLOOD HUNT is a story that has been naturally building across Marvel's comics over the last few years (and some even older stories), and it all comes to a head this May as Jed connects all the dots, Editor in Chief C.B. Cebulski said. As the series unfolds, readers will be able to uncover clues and go back and put the pieces together to see just how high the stakes are for our beloved characters. Pun intended.Visit to hear more from MacKay and stay tuned in the weeks ahead for more BLOOD HUNT announcements, including tie-in reveals and information on how this blood-soaked event will stand apart from any other in Marvel Comics history! In the meantime, check out all-new artwork and inquire with your local comic shop regarding preorders today!BLOOD HUNT #1 (OF 5)Written by JED MACKAYArt and Cover by PEPE LARRAZColors by MARTE GRACIAOn Sale 5/1





leokearon - 2023-10-15 @ 7:30 am

It's amazing that no-one seems to notice or care that the Vision is getting his head smashed in.

ADour - 2023-10-15 @ 12:26 am

Jed MacKay and Pepe Larraz? I can't say that the premise feels like it can hold a candle to other classic Marvel events, but that's a killer creator combo so at least it's gonna be a fun story.

The way Iron Man looks like in that promo really piqued my interest. He's due a new mainstay armor, especially now that he's making do with an emergency stealth suit... So is the armor he's wearing in this teaser just an inconsequential anti-vampire armor... or an unintentional first look at the new mainstay armor?

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