A New Diamond Select Toys Miscellaneous & Minimates Q&A

A New Diamond Select Toys Miscellaneous & Minimates Q&A

Jay Cochran - January 10, 2011
DSTChuck has released a new Diamond Select Toys Q&A over on their Art Asylum website for your viewing pleasure.

In this weeks edition focuses Minimates & Miscellaneous questions. Check out the entire Q&A below:

Tim Batitsas
A few years back you advertised some “planned” rock-n-roll minimates on this site. ironmaiden “eddie lost in time” and white zombie among the few if memory serves. i have only seen and purchased the ozzy bark at the moon and iron maiden mummy figures…what happened to the rest? Did they make it to store shelves? I have not seen any others besides the two mentioned.

DSTChuck: Wow Tim, I think those might be the old 3” Art Asylum figures. I have to be honest I do not recall which of those ended up getting made. The larger Minimates pre-date my involvement.

Weston Langley
Hi. I’m a huge fan of your minimates. I was wondering if you were planning on making any minimates from the Noir universe, particularly Spider-Man. Also, are there any plans for more Sony Minimates after Wave 1?

DSTChuck: I don’t think there is anything planned for the Noir stuff for 2011 but you never know, we do have a couple open slots we could still fill. Right now it’s just one release but if the interest is there and Sony likes what we do, we have left open the idea of adding more properties down the road.

Zech Jones
Hi. Huge fan. Probably apparent, since I’m… y’know, asking stuff. Anyways. So, lately you guys have been releasing Minimates with more and more parts that give them alternate looks, sometimes resulting in completely different costumes for a single character in only three or four pieces. You’ve also started redoing some characters who are important, but dated– Green Goblin, Juggernaut, etc. Have you ever considered just straight up releasing parts that would give characters already released alternate looks? Some bracers and a chestpiece would be all it’d take for Rhino to fit right in, and a box of cool web-based accessories would be awesome, and I imagine releasing just these few sculpted items would be easier than an entire ‘mate. Also, i was wondering if you guys had ever looked at doing anything Minimate related for Kick-Ass? I mean, I know you guys had the Marvel license, but I don’t know if that covers Marvel imprints or not. The cast is really just those four characters, so a Kick-Ass boxset would be… well, awesome.

DSTChuck: Zech, we have had some request for parts or part packs or blanks but we do not plan on releasing anything like that. Our plan is still to deliver Miniamtes as a completed toy. We did have some talks for Kick-A$$ before the movie came out but decided with much reluctance to pass and I think right now the time is passed for movie based product.

JJ Reppert
Will I ever see an 80s Sensational She-Hulk Minimate, sporting her token huge hair in my lifetime?

DSTChuck: JJ, she is not in the plans for 2011 but I do know we have discussed that version in the past.

Luke Porter
Toys R Us Marvel Minimates Wave 10 looks fantastic! Will Nemesis be translucent once he is released?

DSTChuck: Yes he will be – I think there is an updated picture on the blog.

Andy W.
Hi. First I wanted to thank you for taking the time to answer questions. Second, thanks for all the great minimates. Also thanks for releasing the second “Best Of” Ghostbusters series; it helped to fill in the gaps that I missed filling the first time around. So here are the questions I had: 1.) When can we expect to see the first images of the Real Ghostbusters Minimates? Will it be as soon as Toy Fare? 2.) Will you continue to do the black and white 2-pack for the Universal Monsters Minimates? It is a really cool nod to the movies. 3.) Is there any chance that there may be a release of a box set or even a single 2-pack with characters from Marvel Comics 2 (MC2)? Specifically Mainframe, American Dream, J2, Dark Devil, The Buzz, Wild Thing, and/or Doc Magus, or are these characters too obscure to be considered? 4.) Lastly are any of these charcters coming up or on your radar for the Marvel line: Beta Ray Bill, Star-Lord, Stature, Siryn, Falcon, Doctor Voodoo, Darkhawk, A-Bomb, Strong Guy (Guido), Constrictor, members of Alpha Flight, Crystal, Toxin, Ant-Man (Eric O’Grady), or an updated Ben Reilly Spider-Man or Scarlet Spider? Again thanks for taking the time to answer fan questions!

DSTChuck: Andy its my pleasure, I think someone told me in one form or another I have been doing online Q&A non-stop for about four years now. I like everyone. 1) You will see RGB at Toy Fair at the LATEST. 2) YES TRU will have the B&W Monsters as their exclusives as long as they are buying the line. 3) I have to be honest I do not think we’ve discussed any of those characters. 4) We have one of those characters in our current 2011 plans.

Justin Brushett
I was curious when we could expect to see a preview of the Real Ghostbusters line and what kind of characters & ghosts to expect (obviously the fab four and slimer). Thanks for your time! Justin B

DSTChuck: Justin, I think the line plan is a good mix and the run with specialty and TRU is very complimentary, it came together very well. Based on what you was for the movies, it’s pretty safe to say the ghost will not be forgotten. We’ll show some RGB stuff at Toy Fair if not sooner.

Jack Southard
Can you make a horror movie line other than silence of the lambs. Ex: friday the 13th,nightmare on elm street,chuck (maybe make a 1 inch for him,that would be awesome!),Etc.

DSTChuck: We’ve spoken to the folks at what used to be New Line in the past but they have always had a very aggressive program for those properties so we’ve shied away. They are properties we’d be interested in if everything worked for both sides.

Matt Killen
I was wondering if there was ever gonna be a first appearance Rouge/Nimrod pack. I was wonderin if characters like the Wrecking Crew or the Hellfire Club was on the list somewhere. Awesome minimates buy the way!! Keep em comin!

DSTChuck: Matt, I think after what we have showed or are about to show we’re done with AOA. We think we’ver covered it pretty well. Hellfire we did do the Black Queen Jean and that’s an era of X-Men I am frond of so maybe we’ll go back to that at some point. I don’t see us doing a box set of the Crew but maybe mixed in to two packs over time is possible.

Mark Tobin
How does the Minimates team decide what gets re-released? I am new to the Minimates game and LOVE both Ghostbusters and Back to the Future. The first two Ghostbusters box sets (Gozer, Louis Tully/Terror Dog, Dana, et al) and the first Back to the Future set (50s Marty, Bill, Lorraine and Doc) all go for major bucks on popular auction sites and go for way more than I can afford. Does AA/DST look to this sort of after-market data when planning re-releases and are any of these under consideration for re-realease? Have mercy on the Minimates newbie and give me a green light! :-)

DSTChuck: Mark, while we work as a true team I would borrow from “Miami” Steve Van Zant. It’s a benevolent dictatorship and I am the one that makes the line plan. DSTRobert and the designers do have say if I overstep in something I have planned. We don’t look at the after market but we are aware of new fans coming to lines and we do try to keep core characters in plan as best we can, however we try to avoid straight re-issues if we can.

Justin Huffman
Chuck, I just wanted to bring to your attention, if you aren’t already aware, that some of the Toys R Us exclusive products are not being distributed to all of the stores. My local store in Michigan doesn’t appear to be stocking any of the exclusive Minimate boxsets, however another store 40 miles away does appear to carry them. The Secret Wars, Modern Heroic Age, and Captain America Through The Ages boxsets have all had to be purchased by me either at TRU.com or through the secondary market. I understand that you have no control over Toys R Us’ product distribution decisions, but are you able to at least pass along this information to someone at TRU? Also, do you have any recommendations on how I can contact someone at TRU to express my desire that this product be carried in my local store? The associates at the store tell me that they can only sell the product that their warehouse ships them. Also, it appears that the Minimates M.A.X. Series 1 sets are not being restocked, do you know if additional product is going to be available at TRU for the M.A.X. ‘mates, or has all of the Series 1 product that is available already been shipped to stores? As always, thank you for your time. Justin Huffman

DSTChuck: Justin, I am sorry for your frustration. You are right we have nothing to do with how they are distributed but I’ll bring it up to TRU personally when I see them again. We have been told they are selling Minimates “chain wide”. I do think your local store if they keep sending up the chain that they are getting customers asking for these they can do something about it. Is you’re a very small TRU? Maybe they do not have the space for the line.

Martin Bishop
Dear Mr. Chuck, I really like your minimates. They are the coolest. Can you tell Santa that I’d like a glow in the dark spiderman, a ironman, and a colossus minimate. I already sent him a letter but he doesn’t get me everything on the list. I hope he doesn’t skip the minimates. I was thinking that if you told him he’d know that minimates are the most important to me. You and him got to be pretty tight right? I really like your minimates. Thank you for making them. Sincerely, Marty Bishop P.S. I put in my mom’s email. I hope that is okay.

DSTChuck: Matrin, I hope Santa was very kind to you! I am sorry but we do not have any plans to make glow in the dark versions but we’ll keep Santa updated on our plans as the year moves along.

Tim Taylor
Hey Chuck, Just thought I’d drop you a line to ask why you refer to minimates as being ” 2.5” tall” in your press releases? Also good job with the success of getting minimates into TRU and mixing up the lines so they are not just retreads of the specialty shop waves. T.

DSTChuck: Minimates are a 2 ½ inch format so we can add larger heads (leader) or feet and make them taller , the most we would go is 2 ½ inches. I am glad you like the mix, we’ve been working pretty hard on it and while its not perfect I do think we’re getting better.

Oli Grey
Hey guys its me sorry I was so pissed last time, but i love the look of nemis( dont think i spelled that right) minimate!. Gonna pick up the select deadpool asap. But I was sad to hear the uqs darth vader was canned. I was wondering 1# when we could see the cap movie minimates, 2# have you talked to dc direct about a more dc minimates!!!!.. Want a black batman( I have a custom one though) 3#what ever happened to the c3 line ( got that batman too) I thought that was a Awesome line!!!

DSTChuck: Oli, I do not recall your last question but you do not need to apologize for your passion. We’re hard at work on Cap Minimates and unless the studio tells is we can not show them, they will be shown at Toy Fair at the latest. As for DC you have to talk to them, they know we’re ready to go if they just say the word.

Sidney Fontinele
I would like to make a request. Characters from X-men like Maggot, Noir McTarget, Banshee 1st Appearence, Banshee x-men, and i woul like to see Galactus (1st appearence), Galactus, Galactus (ultimate), Galacta, Watcher this could be on the normal side like the Sentinel, it would be great. MODOK would be great to. Some character from World War Hulk like his friends, that would be cool. And we have any chance for geting Mortal Kombat Minimates? Thanks

DSTChuck: We’ll take your ideas under advisement. We do not have any plans to pursue the MK license right now.

Steve Fire
I really like the Thor movie minimates wave. Could you please tell us which characters will be packed in each 2-pack?

DSTChuck: Steve, that info is now on the Diamond Select website or at your local comic store.

Cordell McKinzie
I had an idea that you guys should make skateboarding minimates. Things from the big video games out there, Skate 3 for example, and all the big characters in there. Tony Hawk anyone? Or maybe classical characters, i.e. Santa or the Easter Bunny, that are skateboarding.Make sets that you build and is for the minimates.

DSTChuck: Some of those have been considered. We took a hard look at the holidays a couple years ago and might again at some point but we’re really happy right now with the direction for the MAX line and Calico Jack line so lots of our creative energy is going in that direction.

Jack O’Neill
ok the warthog is pretty cool except i have two questions about it. How come spartan figures cant fit in the front 2 seaats? Spartans are usally the main characters in the halo series and you would think they would be able to fit. or maybe i just cant get them in i dont know. and how come on the boxes for the warthogs it claims to “hold 6 figures”? i can only think of 3, the two front seats and the turret.

DSTChuck: Jack – they can fit but it is a little tighter than we thought and we’re going to try to modify it for later releases.

Brian M
I just picked up the toys r’ us exclusive through the ages captain aMericA multipacK and i’vE got to say it’s one if not the best multipacK you guys hAve made so far. are the chaNces Good for another fan vote multipack or was this a one-time deal?

DSTChuck: The Cap is the second one we’ve done with TRU and we’ve already asked them if they want to do one again in 2011.

Nick Vasquez
Hey there, I love the Marvel line and think you guys are doing a great job. I am a Captain America fan and cant get enough of the Cap Minimates, is there any possibility of and Earth X Cap in an Earth X line or box set. Also, since we’ve been seeing some waves of current comic book series, will we see a Commander Rogers figure?

DSTChuck: I don’t think we have any Earth X stuff planned but with the movie this year I am confident we will make you happy with all the Cap Minimates we’re doing.

Christian Arretche
Happy New Year Art Asylum! I wanted to say thanks for the great minimates in 2010, I’m looking forward to 2011’s offerings too. On to my questions! 1. I love the M.A.X. line of figures that I’ve been able to find, when can we expect to see more vehicles and figures from that series? 2. You guys are hitting it outta the park with the late 80s - 90s love you’ve been showing the Marvel minimates! Specifically with the X-Men, How about an Inferno themed line? I loved that crossover and we could get a Mr. Sinisiter out of it! How about a Longshot/Dazzler set and an Australia era Rogue/Colossus? How about a box set for the Original New Warriors while were at it? 3. When are those sweet pirate minimates coming out? 4. Finally, more Universal Monsters please! Love what I’ve seen so far, can’t wait to pick up the rest. Is there a chance we could get playsets with these guys too? Frankenstien’s lab anyone? :) Thanks guys, keep up the great work!

DSTChuck: Were gearing up for more Max figures and vehicles right now! Glad you like them. 2) We’ll have to think about Inferno. 3) The Calico Jack Pirate line will be in TRU stores this spring!. More UM figures, retro cloth and Minimates will be out in time for next Halloween. However no play sets are planned.

Rico Salgado
I would like to know if there are any plans to produce an X-Factor line based on Larry Stroman’s design? Thank you.

DSTChuck: Sorry but right now no plans for those figures.

Ken Raining
So as I’m sure you’re well aware, Marvel has added several properties to their stable from outside the Marvel Universe over the last few years, both by their own acquisitions and via the Disney purchase. My question is simply: are these guys covered under your license? I’d love to see a Marvel (nee Miracle) Man set, and I’d also be interested to see some of the CrossGen characters in two inches, particularly the detectives from Mark Waid’s RUSE. And I’m just going to put this out there: Disney holds the rights to the Rocketeer. Is there ANY way that DST could make a Rocketeer Minimate, or Marvel Select figure, or anything? It would make up for the hole in my heart left by the Comic Book Spirit….

DSTChuck: Our license does not extend to those properties outside the Marvel Universe. I am very sorry but based on the poor orders last time I do not think we’ll be doing anything with Spirit, which is too bad , we really wanted to do some cool comic based figures.

Brandon Giles
Hey Chuck! The Universal Movies line is awesome, but I was just thinking of something else that would be great. Has DST given any thought to doing 7″ figures, retro figures and Minimates for all the Hammer Horror Movies. I’d love to get my hands on a Christopher Lee Dracula! It would also nice to see Peter Cushing in the line as well. It would also be nice to have a line to honor Ingrid Pitt’s memory. Any chances that you guys could get a line out for the fans?

DSTChuck: Brandon, funny you should mention that I had a conversation with another toy company about our size many years ago at SDCC. Nothing has ever come of it from either of us for I guess one reason or another but you never know.

Scott Livingstone
I have seen the new heroes and adversaries minimates 4 pack and I was wondering if the Deadpool in the set came with the alternate mask like the one in wave 28? I have been looking for a good Deadpool minimate for a while after I missed that one and i am hoping it has the mask, I don’t really care if it doesn’t but it would make the set for me?

DSTChuck: Yes the Deadpool in that set comes with two masks.

James Clements

DSTChuck: James – yes we are considering that and with the heat from the movie it does make a good bit of sense, so we’ll see.

Chuck McKinley
Love your Universal Monster toys - and would LOVE to see a quarter scale version of Frankenstein…! What are the chances…?

DSTChuck: Chuck I would say the chances are pretty good; we’ll at least make a try for producing one!

Benjamin Crispell
First, I would just like to say I love your Marvel & Marvel minimates line. Though, I wonder f there are some who could never see the light of day? Like a shot Scarlet Witch from Ultimates 3 #1 or a naked Mystique from Wolverine #164/165. With the bloody Marvel Zombies and melting T-800 I would think there are almost no boundaries when it comes to blood and violence.

DSTChuck: Benjamin, I think those are interesting ideas but I do not see DST going forward with any of them, sorry.

Bryan Manrique
I’m just recommending a figure that i think would be a hit in the Marvel Select line, Hawkeye! You think you see a chance with this character? He’s absoluty a cool figure to have. So if there’s hope tell me!

DSTChuck: With the upcoming Avengers movie I would think Hawkeye would have a good a shot as any to get made.

James Clements
What’s up Chuck? I wanted to know if marvel select had any plans to make a 2010 comic book version of an Iron Man action figure and any Avenger characters: Hawkeye, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Ms. Marvel, Wonder Man, Sub- Mariner etc.

DSTChuck: Right now we do not have any plans for new Iron Man figures, the ones we have done are still doing pretty well and the comic versions is a pretty standard release. As for other Avengers , for sure we’re looking in that direction with the movie coming up.

Gar Crispell
First I would like to say I am a big fan of your marvel producs. Now that thats out of the way, time for the (all Marvel) questions. 1. Could there ever be a release of Joystick in the Marvel Select line? 2. If a Flatman were to be released, would he be a figure or a base? 3. Have you ever considered Marvel Select Build-a- Figures? 4. Now that Marvel Legends is about dead, will we see more product to make up for it? 5. Do you have the rights to all of the actors like Hasbro with Star Wars? 6. Will there ever be a fan poll for Marvel Select Where there is more than one winner. (second,third,fourth,etc.) 7. Are there any character too obscure to make(like Joystick)? 8. If a minimate does very well (or vise versa), would it be made into a Marvel Select Figure? 9. How many figures do you plan to release in 2011? 10. Is there the slightest chance we could see a Galactus?

DSTChuck: I do not see us making a Joystick or Flatman figure – sorry. I do not see us doing a build a figure, we’ve done some stuff with bases you can build or put together but not a figure. Each movie is different but when we do a Marvel Select movie deal, yes we make sure we at least have rights to the main actors. I do not think we have any plans for a fan poll. Hmm not sure if we’ve looked at one VS the other but more a situation of we know Deadpool is very hot so we make sure we exploit him in both lines. I think 9 figures a year is a good number of us – give or take. We’ve done the best we can to keep Select in scale so I don’t think we’d consider Galactus.

Ted Foust
Hi Chuck, How about an update on the UQS Mos Eisley Han Solo? Is it still happening? if so, when can we expect it in stores? Thanks!

DSTChuck: Ted he should be in stores now! Sorry for the delays.


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